Architect SL

About Architect SL In-Wall Series


The Architect Series has been designed and engineered with same high specifications as all the other Artcoustic models, leaving no space for compromise on sound quality and build, but allowing the flexibility to install in ceiling or in wall.

Architect SL has been created to deliver Artcoustic performance from an ultra-thin design, with a clean contemporary aesthetic.

Timbre matched to all the other Artcoustic loudspeakers, Architect SL is the perfect solution for multi-room applications as well as Spitfire cinema systems or lounge 5.1 systems where rear channels cannot be installed on wall.

Two models allow the correct loudspeaker to be used for the correct application, with the smaller Architect 2-1 SL delivering the same performance as the Target SL, and the Architect 4-2 SL giving options of either high output, high performance for more demanding applications, or used as a single point source stereo speaker where appropriate.