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Imad Bechara

Imad Bechara’s interest in art developed hand-in-hand with a passion for painting in particular and the creative arts in general. Imad’s chosen medium is acrylic and mixed media. The style he has made his own is abstract and figurative. “Painting arouses many contradictions in me,” he explains. “It gives me the perfect outlet for free expression about what inspires me – life, especially human figures, nature and various aspects that come into my mind.” 

His work has been exhibited at a number of important galleries in the Middle East, Gulf and Europe, and is owned by members of the Royal families of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. His work can also been seen in many projects including hotels, corporate offices and private residences 

IB Feeling Good 1

IB Feeling Good 2

IB Fragile 1

IB Fragile 2

IB Freedom Within

IB Shadow


IB Feeling Good 1-120

IB Feeling Good 2-120

IB Fragile 1-120

IB Fragile 2-120

IB Fragile 1 120-1

IB Fragile 2 120-2

IB Freedom Within

IB Freedom Within

IB Shadow 1-120

IB Shadow 2-120

IB Arch 120

IB Desert Shadow 120

IB Bird 120

IB Dancing 120


IB Feeling Good 1-180

IB Feeling Good 2-180

IB Fragile 1-180

IB Fragile 2-180

IB Fragile 1 180-1

IB Fragile 2 180-2

IB Freedom Within

IB Freedom Within

IB Shadow 1-180

IB Shadow 2-180

IB Arch 180


IB Bird 180

IB Dancing 180