Installation Of The Month

Artcoustic’s ‘Installation Of the Month’ has been showcasing some of the finest installations of music and cinema systems from around the world for many years.

The installations shown highlight the incredible quality of work carried out by Artcoustic’s approved and passionate installers, with many of these installations going on to feature in other key industry awards.

All the installations share a quality of design, installation and calibration - and Artcoustic loudspeakers.

IOTM April 2018

Congratulations to Owen at Connected Works and Matt at Total Solutions, collaborating brilliantly on this amazing project!


The clients wanted a high performance system to enjoy family time watching quality TV, sport and movies together, as well as be a room with beautiful design and lighting.

This system more than delivers, with SL 4-2s used for left and right, SL Multi Soundbar for centre, targets for rear, and an Impact 2 subwoofer hidden away. SL Architect 2-1 complete the Dolby Atmos specification.

The whole project was designed, managed and completed by Owen & Matt, and the end result is superb.


An acoustically transparent projector screen comes down for those special movie nights, with a very well concealed projector at the back of the room.

SL Multi Soundbar

The SL Multi Soundbar is installed beneath the TV, with an acoustic fabric wall as the backdrop. The end result is a superbly designed space, which also helps to control acoustic reflections. 


IOTM March 2018

Congratulations to Chris, Andrew and the team at Real Time AV for this wonderful project!

Artcoustic speakers are discretely installed into this luxurious London property, with a Multi Soundbar SL for LCR duties beneath the TV, Target SL recessed into the wall for rear channels, and an Impact 1 subwoofer installed into vented cabinetry. The end result is stunning, elegant, and with exceptional quality.

IOTM February 2018

Congratulations to Angus, Kevin, and the team at New Wave AV, for this fantastic 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos installation!

This wonderful family room has a TV for daytime viewing, and listening to music, with a drop down acoustically transparent screen coming down for those magical movie nights.

Artcoustic SL 6-3s are used for the left and right speakers, together with a Multi Soundbar SL for the centre. Architect SL 2-1s and Target SLs make up the 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. An Impact 2 subwoofer completes the system.

The system is discreet, elegant and sounds superb!

IOTM January 2018

Congratulation to Iain and the team at iCubed Home Cinema for this superb installation at Sticks'n'Sushi in London!


A marriage of ultra-sleek Scandinavian chic & Japanese minimalism, Sticks‘n’Sushi in Covent Garden serves a menu of fresh, beautifully-presented sushi, sashimi & sizzling yakitori sticks. First opened in Copenhagen, the internationally acclaimed restaurant brings an exciting fusion concept to one of London’s hotspots of activity.

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout both floors of the restaurant, ensuring the music is as cool as you'd expect in a place like this.