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Artcoustic’s ‘Installation Of the Month’ has been showcasing some of the finest installations of music and cinema systems from around the world for many years.

The installations shown highlight the incredible quality of work carried out by Artcoustic’s approved and passionate installers, with many of these installations going on to feature in other key industry awards.

All the installations share a quality of design, installation and calibration - and Artcoustic loudspeakers.

IOTM February 2017

Congratulations to Andrey and the team at Smart Audio, Russia, for this stunning installation in an apartment within the building of the 1930s Vodniy Stadium in Moscow.

Three Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8's are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, along with two Spitfire Control 1 subs. The rear channels are 40-30 Sl 6-3s and the surround channels are Architect SL 4-2s.

This 7.1 system is delivering an amazing performance whilst maintaining the superb design aesthetics of the space.

Great work!

IOTM Januar 2017

Congratulations to Rayleigh HiFi in the UK, who win January's Installation Of The Month with these two systems within this beautiful home!

The formal lounge uses 2 Artcoustic 120-36 together with a 120-43 subwoofer to deliver superb 2.1 audio whilst maintaining the stunning aesthetics of the room.

The open plan kitchen and living room enjoy a superb TV system with Artcoustic 6-3 arrays with Multi SL Soundbar and Modular SLs. It's a superb installation, perfectly calibrated and sounds as good as it looks.