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Mark Finzel

Mark Finzel is an Artist, Designer, Singer and Dancer. His work is known for its subtlety and extraordinary predilection for turning perceived reality on its head. Such beauty as is found in nature is enhanced, estranged and encapsulated through the clever use of symmetry.

MF Baroque stone in blue

MF Baroque stone in brown

MF Baroque stone in mint

MF Blue Spark

MF Cage Chinoise 1

MF Cage Chinoise 2

MF Cool Uhula

MF Crystal Ether

MF Cyan Spark

MF Elvenzel Released

MF Fleury One

MF Florandel Frieze

MF Flower Flux in purple blue

MF Flower Flux in purple green

MF Fluvial Shell

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo

MF Griffin Leaf

MF Griffin Wing in blue 

MF Griffin Wing in turquoise 

MF Intrinsic

MF Inviolate Veil

MF Kitsch in orange green

MF Kitsch in pink gold

MF Luminance Five

MF Luminance Five single

MF Luminance Four

MF Luminance Four single

MF Luminance Seven

MF Luminance Seven single

MF Luminance Six

MF Luminance Six single

MF Luminance Three

MF Luminance Three single 

MF Luminance Two

MF Luminance Two single

MF Manaus One

MF Manaus Two

MF Manaus Three

MF Manaus Four

MF Manaus Five

MF Winter Arcadia

MF Opium Zen

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted blue

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted coral

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted turquoise

MF Pineapple Love

MF Pineapple Love with gold

MF Presque Chinois

MF Profusion

MF Subtle in orange green

MF Subtle in pink gold

MF The Heated Noon

MF Volva in blue

MF Volva in yellow

MF White shell totem

MF Baroque stone in blue 120 

MF Baroque stone in brown 120

MF Baroque stone in mint 120

MF Blue spark 120

MF Cage Chinoise

MF Cool Uhula 120

MF Crystal Ether 120

MF Cyan Spark 120

MF Elvenzel Released 120

MF Fleury One 120

MF Florandel Frieze 120

MF Flower Flux in purple blue 120

MF Flower Flux in purple green 120

MF Fluvial Shell 120

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo centre-120

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo left-120

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo right-120

MF Griffin Leaf 120

MF Griffin Wing in blue 120

MF Griffin Wing in turquoise 120

MF Intrinsic 120

MF Inviolate Veil 120

MF Kitsch in orange green 120

MF Kitsch in pink gold 120

MF Luminance Five 120

MF Luminance Four 120

MF Luminance Seven 120

MF Luminance Six 120

MF Luminance Three 120

MF Luminance Two 120

MF Manaus Five 1-120

MF Manaus Five 2-120

MF Manaus Four 1-120

MF Manaus Four 2-120

MF Manaus One 1-120

MF Manaus One 2-120

MF Manaus Three 1-120

MF Manaus Three 2-120

MF Manaus Two 1-120

MF Manaus Two 2-120

MF Opium Zen 120

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted 120

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted blue 120

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted coral 120

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted turquoise 120

MF Pineapple Love 120

MF Pineapple Love gold 120 

MF Presque Chinois 120

MF Profusion 120

MF Subtle in orange green 120

MF Subtle in pink gold 120

MF The Heated Noon 120

MF Volva in blue 120

MF Volva in yellow 120

MF White shell totem left-120

MF White shell totem right-120

MF Winter Arcadia 120


MF Baroque stone in blue 180

MF Baroque stone in brown 180

MF Baroque stone in mint 180

MF Blue Spark 180

MF Cage Chinoise 180

MF Cool Uhula 180

MF Crystal Ether 180

MF Cyan Spark 180

MF Elvenzel Released 180

MF Fleury One 180

MF Florandel Frieze 180

MF Flower Flux in purple blue 180

MF Flower Flux in purple green 180

MF Fluvial Shell 180

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo centre-180

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo left-180

MF Glass Bull Griffin dayglo right-180

MF Griffin Leaf 180

MF Griffin Wing in blue 180

MF Griffin Wing in turquoise 180

MF Intrinsic 180

MF Inviolate Veil 180

MF Kitsch in orange green 180

MF Kitsch in pink gold 180

MF Luminance Five 180

MF Luminance Four 180

MF Luminance Seven 180

MF Luminance Six 180

MF Luminance Three 180

MF Luminance Two 180

MF Manaus Five 1-180

MF Manaus Five 2-180

MF Manaus Four 1-180

MF Manaus Three

MF Manaus One 1-180

MF Manaus One 2-180

MF Manaus Three

MF Manaus Three

MF Manaus Two 1-180

MF Manaus Two 2-180

MF Opium Zen 180

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted 180

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted blue 180

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted coral 180

MF Papillon de nuit abstracted turquoise 180

MF Pineapple Love 180

MF Pineapple Love gold 180

MF Presque Chinois 180

MF Profusion 180

MF Subtle in orange green 180

MF Subtle in pink gold 180

MF The Heated Noon 180

MF Volva in blue 180

MF Volva in yellow 180

MF White shell totem left-180

MF White shell totem right-180

MF Winter Arcadia 180