Through the stylised use of photo editing, video looping and textual analysis, Max attempts to sample, digest and re-represent a possible subversive nature inherent in society. His aim is to blur the parameters between advertising, cinema, documentary and literature and undermine the viewers' opinions and beliefs about what they are experiencing. 

MM Bobs

MM Bullet time

MM Car

MM Carwash

MM City

MM Do you speak english

MM Dollar

MM Fire

MM Glass

MM Hard eight

MM High speed pursuit

MM Illegal love

MM Illegal motel

MM Man

MM Newbuil

MM Nude

MM Taxi

MM Tired dude

MM Window


MM Building Left-120

MM Building Right-120

MM Car Left-120

MM Car Right-120

MM City Left-120

MM City Right-120

MM Deluxe Left-120

MM Deluxe Right-120

MM Dollar Left-120

MM Dollar Right-120

MM Light Left-120

MM Light Right-120

MM Palm Left-120

MM Palm Right-120

MM Road Left-120

MM Road Right-120

MM Sign Left-120

MM Sign Right-120

MM Taxi Left-120

MM Taxi Right-120

MM Window Left-120

MM Window Right-120


MM Palm Blue Left-180

MM Palm Blue Right-180