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Michael Banks

After a 12-year career as an advertising photographer he started his own art business 6 years ago. He initially trained as a graphic designer before taking an MA in fine art in Florence in his mid-20s. ”Studying fine arts opened my eyes to the possibility of creating abstract art via the camera. What I am doing today is a result of that experience”. Banks creates his pictures by taking a photograph on film. With some images, he will go on to enhance or manipulate them using computer software. 

MB 212-1

MB 212-2

MB 212-3

MB 212-4

MB Adagio-1

MB Adagio-2

MB Adagio-3

MB Adagio-4

MB Bliss-1

MB Bliss-2

MB Bliss-3

MB Bliss-4

MB Bliss-5

MB Bliss-6

MB Bohemia-1

MB Bohemia-2

MB Bohemia-3

MB Bohemia-4

MB Boogie-1

MB Boogie-2

MB Boogie-3

MB Boogie-4

MB Boogie-5

MB Boogie-6

MB Buzz-1

MB Buzz-2

MB Buzz-3

MB Buzz-4

MB Buzz-5

MB Buzz-6

MB Candy-1

MB Candy-2

MB Candy-4

MB Candy-5

MB Candy-6

MB Candy-7

MB Chill-stripe-1

MB Chill-stripe-2

MB Chill-stripe-3

MB Chill-stripe-4

MB Chill-stripe-5

MB Chill-stripe-6

MB Dance-1

MB Dance -2

MB Dance-3

MB Dance-4





MB Dot-1

MB Dot-2

MB Dot-3

MB Dot-4

MB Dot-5

MB Dot-6

MB Dream-1

MB Dream-2

 MB Edifice-1

MB Edifice-2

MB Edifice-3

MB Fade-1

MB Fade-2

MB Flight-1

MB Flight-2

MB Flight-3

MB Gris-1

MB Gris-2

MB Gris-3

MB Gris-4

MB Hip-1

MB Hip-2

MB Hip-3

MB Hip-4

MB Hip-5

MB Hip-6

MB Ink-1

MB Ink-2

MB Luna-1

MB Luna-2

MB Luna-3

MB Luna-4

MB Mashrabiya-1

MB Mashrabiya-2

MB Mashrabiya-3

MB Mashrabiya-4

MB Mashrabiya-5