Artcoustic Quotes & Reviews

Quotes & Reviews

Customised - My favourite website of the moment is definitely Artcoustic make the coolest speakers on the planet, with the sound performance to match. These are the speakers I would have in my own dream home cinema. I get speaker envy every time I visit.

Inside CI - Great sounding speakers..

Avolution - The new demo Diablo SLs are looking and sounding superb

Pure Home Tech - The new Artcoustic SL Series…‘fantastic’ in a word

Bespoke Home Cinema - The Artcoustic SL Series really sound fantastic

Bespoke Technology - Awesome sounding home cinema speakers that look amazing too

Aspect Home Cinema - “Thank you very much. The Artcoustic guys offer passion, drive & knowledge in every install!”

Visual Sounds - fantastic products and a very refreshing approach from a manufacturer

Q Smarthomes - The new showroom cinema set up is really awesome!

Mango Vision - amazing speakers!

Audio 7 - Just seen and heard the new SL range. First impressions….WOW!

Strictly AV - Ridiculous! In a good way!

Clarke Infinity - Better than anything I have ever heard to date. Amazing!

Bespoke Home Cinema - Awesome!

Cinema Rooms - The best demo room in the industry and the new SL range delivers the most dynamic, detailed  and cinematic sound I’ve ever heard.

Mango Vision - If you’re serious about home cinema, you need to visit the Artcoustic good!

Webstract Ltd - just been to the Artcoustic showroom and left absolutely blown away by their speakers

Home Cinema By Design - Just recovered for the experience at the Artcoustic Showroom. Thanks for the tour, superb!

Rako Controls - Fantastic! A great showroom and a superb resource for the CI industry

Urbane Installer - "ISE Report - Things that sound great - (Artcoustic) had their new SL multi-array speakers on show, and oh, did they sound good! I think Artcoustic just upped their game again."

Konnectiv - Artcoustic are one the best companies we work with. They always manage to make us look really good. totally blown away by their cinema. One of the best I've heard. Can't wait to get our demo in

DSE Digital - Superb cinema. Effortless! fantastic speakers. One word! WOW

Inside CI - OMG you need to find the time to go to Chelmsford. This is what private home cinemas can and should be!

***Sticks n sushi - Superb Sound!

Philharmonic - a great demo! Truly Impressive

Home Cinema Choice - no other manufacturer has quite captured the custom installation market as much as the Danish company Artcoustic. If you want your speakers seriously potent, lovely sounding, and utterly hidden, then visiting an Artcoustic showroom should be on your to do list.

Artcoustic Spitfire Series receives 5 stars out of 5 stars and reference status in a Home Cinema Choice Magazine review


One for your shortlist

'If you're serious about home cinema at the premium level and are planning a projector based dedicated room, then these need to be on your shortlist. The newly slimmed-down design (the original Spitfire models were nearly twice as deep) will make them easier than ever to install, and Artcoustic's modular approach means the brand, or your installer, should be able to specify the configuration that's most apt for your space (and you therefore may find a more affordable package is relevant)'

‘The soundstage is both wide and deep, able to involve you unhesitatingly in the onscreen action’ 

‘Detail retrieval and the articulation of movie eff ects are the standout performance trait here’ 

'The sound of music. Switching from movies to music gives the SL array a better opportunity to showcase its full-range delivery'

'There are rival systems to consider,of course, but nothing that is an obvious competitor. A Steinway Lyngdorf or JBL Synthesis package (both of which I've heard and loved) will edge this in terms of performance, but will cost you a lot more. Similarly, there are similar priced setups from more traditional hi-fi brands (B&W, DALI, Quadral...) that have a more musical bent and, perhaps, offer more pride-of-ownership, with their lush cabinet finishes. However, these usually arrive with centre channel enclosures viewable from space, and throw up installation problems of their own. Amp matching becomes a more serious task, too'.

What the Artcoustic array offers is therefore highly unusual – potent, room-filling sound with a serious nod to setup and room design. It's no-compromise AV that understands the compromises – and standards required – of a dedicated cinema install

One Happy Familly Essential Install Story


'Inch-perfect specification, good teamwork and drawing on the power of the Artcousitc brand were key aspects of this complex project headed up by Simply Cinemas Installations’ managing director Simon Swords'.

'Artcoustic loudspeakers offered the client stunning aesthetics and performance without compromising either'.

'This is not a ‘mancave’, which the industry often inflicts on otherwise happy families'.

“I think the reason the client loved the kit was that otherwise, as the stereotype has it, his wife would have outlawed such an elaborate system in what is their main lounge. Floor-standing speakers wouldn’t have worked aesthetically or practically; in-walls meant unsightly metal grilles. The speakers went behind the screen, not around it - fundamental for home cinema performance.” 

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@StephenWithers ...You HAVE to hear the @Dolby_Atmos setup at @ArtcousticUK #YouCantHelpButSmile

Dolby Laboratories @Dolby · 9h 9 hours ago
MT @ArtcousticUK: Nov Install Of The Month is a really cool @Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 system. It sounds breathtaking!

atlantik av (@atlantikav) tweeted at 5:57 am on Thu, Apr 24, 2014:
Sublime 4K Cinema, World class brands, @ArtcousticUK @ScreenExcel @CineItaliaUK @MarataVision @InsideCI #liveinstall

Kris Gamble (@customised) tweeted at 2:08 pm on Thu, Apr 24, 2014:
I'm loving the @ArtcousticUK install of the month. What do you think followers? Also, great review in @HCCmag guys!

Just Add Popcorn (@japbespokeav) tweeted at 8:32 pm on Thu, Apr 24, 2014:
Back in #Horsham today checking on progress. Soon to be home to an @SamsungUK 75" 4K TV & @ArtcousticUK sound system

Robert Taussig Co (@RobertTaussigCo) tweeted at 9:27 pm on Tue, Apr 22, 2014:
Choosing colours for our new @ArtcousticUK display @ Robert Taussig Audio Visual

Intecho (@IntechoUK) tweeted at 5:07 pm on Tue, Apr 22, 2014:
@ArtcousticUK create loudspeaker systems into works of art

Artcoustic UK (@ArtcousticUK) tweeted at 3:50 pm on Fri, Apr 18, 2014:
Another superb installation by @MavenAV, being tested with @ArtcousticDK mix on @SoundCloud. Sounds amazing.

Bespoke Home Cinemas (@bespoke_cinemas) tweeted at 3:05 am on Fri, Apr 18, 2014:
@ArtcousticUK fantastic images on your site of some amazing #homecinema installations #artcoustic #liveinstall

@WiSAAssociation: Thanks for the follow @ArtcousticDK. Congrats on your recent 5-star rating - Spitfire indeed! :)

@ArtcousticUK: Another superb installation by @MavenAV, being tested with @ArtcousticDK mix on @SoundCloud. Sounds amazing.

@bespoke_cinemas: @ArtcousticUK fantastic images on your site of some amazing #homecinema installations #artcoustic #liveinstall

@ArtcousticUK: The @QSmarthomes guys hard at work in their new offices. Artcoustic speakers on the wall keep the music sounding good

@bespoke_cinemas: @ArtcousticUK @HCCmag always 5 stars from us, well done, well deserved! #liveinstall

@circle_AV This review speaks volumes! If you would like to experience the quality, drop in for a demonstration at our showroom.
9:12 p.m. Thu, Apr 10 from Sevenoaks, Kent

@RayleighHiFi: @ArtcousticUK Spitfire speakers & Subs, acoustic padding and screen still to go, going to sound awesome! @LiveInstall

@atlantikav: "Tickled Pink" by superb sound & 4K image of this 7.2 #cinema @ArtcousticUK @ScreenExcel @CineItaliaUK #liveinstall

@bespoke_cinemas: @phi_mag thanks for following, great magazine! An example of one of our home cinemas with @ArtcousticUK #liveinstall

@newwave_av: Great artwork selection by our customer for their Artcoustic 65-50's loud speakers .

@customised: Loving the #realworld #iotm from @artcousticuk this month. If you like this and would be interested in a quote, tweet

@webstractltd: So what do you think of our new cinema room ... @ArtcousticUK @Carter2069 @jvcuk @Vescom @screenexcellenc @Dynalite

@bespoke_cinemas: Who puts a car in the garage? Another award winning garage cinema conversion with @ArtcousticUK @jvcuk @Control4_EMEA

@ArtcousticUK: @CinemaRooms shortlisted for this install Very proud to have been part of this team #teamwork

@newwave_av: Custom sprayed finish Farrow & Ball colour on Diablo Monitors @ArtcousticUK #interiordesignerhappy -

@tateside: A busy day installing 16 of these rather good looking @ArtcousticUK ceiling speakers #liveinstall