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The Trust

The Trust is a design and art collective established in 2006. From illustration to sculptural installations the collective strives to locate its work in new formats and locations. From bars and banks to department store windows The Trust continues to exhibit their surreal interpretations of contemporary urban and rural life with a touch of dark humour.

TT Rorschach

TT Rorschach 2

TT Rorschach 3

TT Unicorns

TT Unicorns 2

TT Unicorns 3


TT Rorschach 120

TT Rorschach 2-120

TT Rorschach 3-120

TT Unicorns 120

TT Unicorns 2-120

TT Unicorns 3-120

TT Rorschach 180

TT Rorschach 2-180

TT Rorschach 3-180

TT Unicorn 180

TT Unicorn 2-180

TT Unicorn 3-180