Artcoustic have been designing groundbreaking, world-class loudspeakers since 1998, constantly pushing the limits of convention and challenging the status quo.

Our passion for performance, functionality and design has inspired us to reinvent the conventional loudspeaker with a fresh, modern look. Our roots go back to original Danish loudspeaker design, associated with refined aesthetics and innovative design.

After years of combined design & technical development, we have created a loudspeaker, which looks as good as it sounds, without compromising one to the other. Our award-winning collection of speakers perform amongst the highest in their class, delivering exceptional efficiency, dynamics and high quality sound.


Quality components

We use only the highest quality drivers, handpicked from Danish suppliers for the ultimate in sound reproduction. To achieve this, high-grade copper coils, and bypass capacitors are employed in all our models, and non-inductive resistors are used throughout.


Each unit is painstakingly constructed by hand - no manufacturing line, no robots. Just a team of dedicated craftsmen putting the speakers together with care, attention, passion and pride.

Each loudspeaker is visually and technically inspected to ensure all products leaving the factory are deserving of the Artcoustic name. The result is a loudspeaker that is amongst the finest available.



A well designed and specified home theatre can be truly magical. All our cinema systems are designed and installed by trained experts, working to deliver the very best experience possible. Designing a cinema is technically challenging, with every design decision having an impact on other factors. Industry standards give us the ideal parameters to aim for, guaranteeing the very best performance, just as the film director intended.

Seating positions, screen size, image brightness, loudspeaker positions and dynamic range are just some of the key considerations for our design team. Artcoustic’s large and highly flexible speaker range ensures we can use the correct loudspeaker for the correct application. A well designed cinema should be able to achieve at least 105 db from each speaker in the listening position.

If the speaker is not capable of this, a huge part of the excitement and dynamic range will be missing. Artcoustic’s powerful and highly efficient design allows for cinemas from the smallest snug to the largest auditorium to be designed correctly. Using the correct Artcoustic model ensures the very best performance, resulting in incredible dynamic range, low distortion and stunning accuracy.