IOTM April 2015

Congratulations to Paul and the team at MD Integration in the UK for this incredible installation.

MD Integration 5 Bentley.jpg

This dedicated basement cinema is installed as a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 system, and looks and sounds amazing.

Using Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8 loudspeakers for the LCR behind the acoustically transparent Screen Excellence screen, together with 2 x Artcoustic Spitfire Control 3 Subwoofers.

MD Integration 2 Bentley.jpg

This amount of power in a room this size is truly something to behold! The rear and side speakers are Artcoustic Target SL and Architect SL 2-1, with these installed into the wall to save valuable space along the walkway to the back row.

Four Architect SL 2-1s are installed in the ceiling for the overhead Dolby Atmos speakers, completing this system. It is all powered from a Denon integrated receiver.

MD Integration 6 Bentley.jpg