IOTM November 2015

November's Installation Of The Month is really something very special indeed. Integration Design in Sweden were given the brief to design and install this amazing room for a world leading music company.

download (27).jpeg

Sweden's top media company needed an auditorium for internal and external gatherings, press conferences and various media presentations. Something out of the ordinary was required in order to reflect the cutting-edge image of the company.

Integration Design designed everything from the room's shape, inspired by Prada's HQ in New York, to the unique audio-visual system with a 6.3m wide curved projection screen with three professional high-resolution projectors working together.

download (28).jpeg

Two pictures can be displayed side-by-side or edge-blended into one super-wide image. For a maximum impact the master projector is activated, generating a massive 2.35:1 cinemascope picture over the entire screen.

The audio system consists of six Artcoustic Performance P12-6, teamed up in pairs and angled apart vertically for a perfect sound dispersion along the elevated seating area. Four Artcoustic Spitfire Control 3 subs delivers chest-pounding bass from behind the acoustically transparent screen. Eight Artcoustic Multi Soundbar SLs are installed for side surrounds and the Dolby Atmos overhead speakers.


The design was topped off with Philips Large Luminous textile panels. Capable of generating stunning visual effects such as fire, stars, water and much more over 54 sqm - it is Europe's largest ceiling installation of Philips Large Luminous textile panels to date.


This amazing installation shows the incredible depth and versatility of the Artcoustic range of loudspeakers. Artcoustic is one of the few brands that can offer the same designs, concepts and options for large high end screening rooms such as this, all the way through more accessible cinema systems using Spitfire 4-2 or 6-3s, and even to contemporary designed, Farrow & Ball colour matched, Target SLs and Diablos SLs for beautiful interior designed spaced, and bespoke sized LCR Soundbars.