IOTM September 2015

Avolution take September's Installation Of The Month for this incredible private cinema in Guernsey!

Avolution Ultimate cinema-19.jpg

Dan and the team designed, installed and calibrated the entire room, ensuring a technically perfect room, as well as stunning aesthetics. Artcoustic Spitfire 24-12 are installed for left, centre and right channels behind the acoustically transparent screen, as all well designed cinemas do. Spitfire Control subwoofers are also installed behind the screen. Colour matched Diablo SLs are used for the rear channels ensuring timbre matching, whilst working seamlessly with the design of the room. 

Avolution Ultimate cinema-47.jpg

The end result is an amazing private cinema room, with incredible sound and picture, all simple to use and control with wonderful attention to detail. A very deserving winner of September's Installation Of the Month.

Avolution Ultimate cinema-23.jpg

The acoustically transparent screen includes side masking for perfect transition from 16:9 content such as sport, to 2.35:1 ratio for that truly cinematic experience.

Installed by:

Avolution Ultimate cinema-27.jpg