IOTM April 2017

Congratulations to Luke, Chris and the whole team at Modus Vivendi for this superb cinema installation!

download (1).jpeg

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout in this amazing Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system, with Spitfire 6-3s used for the LCR, Control 2 subwoofers, SL 4-2 for the side and rears, and Architect SL 4-2s overhead. The result is a technically excellent system, designed very carefully to ensure amazing performance, with a relaxed aesthetic for family evenings watching the latest movie.


Spitfire 6-3

Spitfire 6-3s are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen along with 2 x Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers.

The Spitfire 6-3 has a sensitivity rating of 95 db, meaning that in the listening position, reference level 105 db is achievable with ease, and with under 50W of power.

Our full range of speakers, from the Spitfire 4-2 through to the 24-12, enable cinema designers to choose the correct model for the correct application.