IOTM March 2017

Home Cinema & Beyond in UK win March's Installation Of the Month for this incredible project!


These two amazing entertainment rooms deliver outstanding performance, and lots of fun!

One room is designed as a superb cinema system, with endless dynamics and power (3 x Spitfire 24-12, 2 x Performance PS4 subs...7.2.4!!), the other room as a state of the art space for Xbox and Playstation gaming with bespoke sized Spitfire 16-8s.



Four Sl C1s are used for the side and rear speakers. Lateral masking delivers both 16:9 and 2.35 images superbly.


Three Spitfire 24-12 loudspeakers are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, delivering exceptional power and dynamics.

At 110db sensitivity, this will play up to 130db! In a room this size, the amplifier will need to deliver no more than 10 Watts to produce the 105db reference peak levels! No distortion results in an amazingly effortless sound.

The Performance PS4 subwoofer is also incredibly powerful and two of them in this room will play over the 115db required. Two positioned beneath the screen makes for a stunning look and sounds amazing.

The games room next door has two 65" screens for competitive local games, with 2 Xbox Ones, 2 Playstation 4s and a state of the art PC for VR and more. Superb fun!

Bespoke Spitfire 16-8s were made to perfectly fit the spaces between the screens, keeping the design and aesthetic of the room clean and elegant.v