IOTM May 2017

Congratulations to the team at Home Integration in Taiwan for May's superb Installation Of The Month!


This beautifully elegant apartment now has one of the first systems with the new TAAA speakers, installed in this case as a 2.1 system either side of a TV. The SL 24-12s are partnered with an Impact 2 Subwoofer, for a luxurious and stylish system that sounds absolutely incredible.


The new TAAA Artcoustic array speakers are the best we have ever produced, taking our exceptionally powerful and dynamic 12-6, 16-8 and 24-12 arrays even further.

The Time Aligned Aleksei Array produces a loudspeaker like no other. Sensitivity up to 110db/1m ensures endless dynamic range using even the most modest of amplification.

The new time aligned design focuses the phase between each of the array elements. This ensures a superbly accurate, dynamic sound, with an incredibly flat frequency response.