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Congratulations to Richard at the team at Niche AV in the UK for this beautiful installation.

Niche AV 15.jpg

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout the stunning property, with SL 40-30 4-2s and Impact 1 subwoofer in the open plan kitchen, SL C-2 Soundbars under the TVs, and SL 6-3s with Multi SL Soundbar, Targets and SL Architect 2-1s used for the Media Room's Dolby Atmos system.

Careful planning and thought went into the design of the audio visual systems across this amazing home, and the team from Niche AV exceeded all expectations.

Niche AV 7.jpg

The SL C-2 Soundbar is used as a stereo speaker under the TV, together with an Impact 1 subwoofer - simple, elegant, high quality audio.

Niche AV 13.jpg

Using Artcoustic throughout the property ensures the same quality levels are maintained in each area. The open plan design means that often multiple zones are playing together, and as all Artcoustic speakers are based on the same building blocks, the sound from each is incredibly similar. More powerful models are used for more fun in certain areas.

Niche AV 2.jpg

The Media Room is designed to be a very comfortable and inviting place to settle down for the evening watching the latest box set, movie or sporting event. More powerful Artcoustic speakers are used here to deliver the full dynamic range required, whilst also working perfectly with the room design. 

Niche AV 3.jpg

The bar area, with stunning views out across the gardens, uses a SL C-2 Soundbar underneath the TV, and an Impact 2 subwoofer. When drinks are following and the party starts, this discrete system will play high quality audio at over 100db.


The iconic SL Multi Soundbar is also available in a single source mono or a dual source stereo version, making it ideal for use as a powerful wide dispersion centre channel, or as a high-end stereo setup. It is designed to be run from a zone of Crestron, Control 4, Savant, AMX, Elan G etc. for high quality multi-room performance with the same discrete aesthetics as the SL Multi Soundbar.