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Sound has the innate ability to alter our emotional perceptions – what was passive and bland becomes welcoming and personal the second the music is turned on.

The right sound can immediately transform a space in to a warm embrace of familiarity and comfort. It’s a feeling, a memory. It’s your favourite song. It can be hard to explain, but you know it as soon as you hear it. High-quality sound has the ability to bring you into even greater depths and insight of the music or movie being played and enables the listener to experience all the layers of the sound.

#myartcoustic is a series of Q&A’s with professionals where sound and design have a profound impact on their life and work. These interviews are made to inspire you to notice your everyday soundscape - because life is too short for bad sound. #myartcoustic.

Our first feature takes place at the warm and welcoming Artcoustic equipped home studio – in a central-located Copenhagen apartment – and owned by bassist, Chris Minh Doky. Doky is regarded among the masters of the upright bass and internationally recognised for his passionate delivery and extraordinary technical gifts.


Artcoustic: Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time out to speak to us. For our readers who don’t know who you are, please tell us what you do as a profession?  

Chris: I’m a musician, bassist, composer, soloist, bandleader and author.

Artcoustic: That’s great, and what is it that made you want to work with music?

Chris: It’s where I feel the most free from myself, as well as being the place where I can experience all the things which can’t be described in words.

Artcoustic: What has an influence on you?

Chris: More or less, everything I suppose. If it inspires me, it is more a matter of how much it brings images to my heart and/or mind.


Artcoustic: Thank you, this is really inspiring! :) So why would you say that music or sound is so important in your life and of course, your work?

Chris: Besides being what I do, it’s so important to me to feel, experience and sense, all which cannot be expressed in other ways.

Artcoustic: On another note, but so important in equal measures. What is “quality of life” to you?

Chris: Family, friends, good food, the arts, sleep, discovery, sharing.

Artcoustic: What is your favourite piece of music?

Christ: It varies constantly, daily, hourly. My favourite music is when it doesn’t make me think of the construction of it. Like listening to or reading a story where you don’t think about grammar or the construction of the words and sentences – but where you experience all that is being told.

Artcoustic: What is it about our speaker that made you choose Artcoustic?

Chris: The same reason why a specific piece of music becomes my favourite; I don’t want anything to interfere with the core purpose of expression and experience.  Artcoustic speakers sounds true and doesn’t stand in the way of the stories being told. To your ears and to your eyes. This takes great talent, skill, knowledge, craftsmanship and dedication.

Artcoustic: Thank you Chris, it’s been so great talking to you today and find out about you and your passions and interests, and how Artcoutic has been helped to enhance your musical experience on a daily basis.


At Artcoustic we have been designing groundbreaking, world-class loudspeakers since 1998, constantly pushing the limits of convention and challenging the status quo. Our passion for performance, functionality and design has inspired us to reinvent the conventional loudspeaker.