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private residency, london

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout this beautiful property, with SL 40-30 / 6-3s and an Impact 2 subwoofer installed in the open plan dining area. In-ceiling Architect 2-1s are used in the kitchen area and Architect 4-2s in the lounge space, tonally matching the audio throughout. 

The TV room is separated from the open plan main living space, allowing for a serious audio system to be designed and installed, naturally with Dolby Atmos. The 5.1.2 configuration is achieved with SL 4-2 left and right of the screen, with a SL Multi Soundbar beneath for the centre channel. Rear channels are SL Target, with SL Architect 2-1 for the overheads. An Impact 2 subwoofer delivers the LFE, and the finished system looks and sounds superb. 

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