SL HSPL soundbar

Left, Centre and Right Speaker

The SL HSPL Soundbar is a high sound pressure level version of the Multi Soundbar. This version has been specially designed and engineered for applications where very high sound pressure levels are required, matching the larger Artcoustic speaker models such as the SL 12-6, SL 16-8 and SL 24-12.

Artcoustic pioneered the first concept of an all-in-one LCR (left, centre and right) soundbar as far back as 1997. The SL version is an evolution of this classic loudspeaker and is available in four standard versions, with the option to go bespoke. All feature clean, discrete aesthetics with high output timbre-matched performance.


Operating Range: 65 Hz (-3dB) to 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 104/95 dB (mono/stereo)
Max SPL: 120/112 dB (mono/stereo)


H 100 • W BESPOKE •  D 67 mm
Minimum width: 1668 mm
Maximum width: 2600 mm


Cabinet: Any colour/finish
Screen: Any colour

Standard cabinet/screen colours are black/white