two-way precision monitor

The Time Aligned Aleksei Array (TAAA) is a precise and well-thought-out solution for dealing with high-frequency array phase overlap. By carefully placing high-frequency transducers in a mathematical and geometric formula, the acoustically impossible is now possible.

The design has been optimised in a way that allows the product to achieve a near perfect response curve, without compromising on any of the existing high-end features

Spitfire 12-6 is perfect for high-quality private cinemas. This version delivers higher dynamics and output than the 8-4 version.


Operating Range:  65 Hz (-3 dB) to 40 kHz
Sensitivity:  104 dB
Max SPL:  121 dB
Weight:  16 kg
Dimensions:  H 1120 • W 370 • D 67/81 mm
Cabinet:  Black Spitfire Finish

NB: Please download the user manual for the full specification.