October's amazing Installation of the Month

Congratulations to Richard at the team at Niche AV in the UK for this beautiful installation.

Niche AV 15.jpg

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout the stunning property, with SL 40-30 4-2s and Impact 1 subwoofer in the open plan kitchen, SL C-2 Soundbars under the TVs, and SL 6-3s with Multi SL Soundbar, Targets and SL Architect 2-1s used for the Media Room's Dolby Atmos system.

Careful planning and thought went into the design of the audio visual systems across this amazing home, and the team from Niche AV exceeded all expectations.

Niche AV 7.jpg

The SL C-2 Soundbar is used as a stereo speaker under the TV, together with an Impact 1 subwoofer - simple, elegant, high quality audio.

Niche AV 13.jpg

Using Artcoustic throughout the property ensures the same quality levels are maintained in each area. The open plan design means that often multiple zones are playing together, and as all Artcoustic speakers are based on the same building blocks, the sound from each is incredibly similar. More powerful models are used for more fun in certain areas.

Niche AV 2.jpg

The Media Room is designed to be a very comfortable and inviting place to settle down for the evening watching the latest box set, movie or sporting event. More powerful Artcoustic speakers are used here to deliver the full dynamic range required, whilst also working perfectly with the room design. 

Niche AV 3.jpg

The bar area, with stunning views out across the gardens, uses a SL C-2 Soundbar underneath the TV, and an Impact 2 subwoofer. When drinks are following and the party starts, this discrete system will play high quality audio at over 100db.


The iconic SL Multi Soundbar is also available in a single source mono or a dual source stereo version, making it ideal for use as a powerful wide dispersion centre channel, or as a high-end stereo setup. It is designed to be run from a zone of Crestron, Control 4, Savant, AMX, Elan G etc. for high quality multi-room performance with the same discrete aesthetics as the SL Multi Soundbar.


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Congratulations to Nicola, Simon and the whole team at Sona in the UK for this amazing installation.

DSC_0807 (1).6small.jpg

The cinema, using Artcoustic speakers, is an amazing room in which to enjoy movies and big sporting occasions with family and friends. Comfortable, elegant, and most importantly, delivering superb picture and sound quality.

CED_2018_winner_bihe3_rgb copy.jpg

The team at Sona designed the system to exacting technical standards, so much so that they deservingly were shortlisted for Best Cinema in the 2018 CEDIA Awards. This cinema is part of the larger whole house project, which we were all delighted to see go on win Best Integrated Home Level III at this year's award ceremony.




Once again, the annual CEDIA Awards returned to the UK for another year of exciting venues and impressive installations. Hosted at the iconic British Museum in London, the black-tie event brought people from every corner of the industry to celebrate the very best in technical excellence, product innovation and the many ways technology enhances the home. 

This year Artcoustic were delighted and very proud to have had our speakers featured in seven finalist installations and two award winning installations.

CED_2018_winner_bihe3_rgb copy.jpg

SONA takes home an award for Best Integrated Home Level III

Congratulations to Nicola, Simon and the whole team at Sona in the UK for this amazing installation.

DSC_0807 (1).6small.jpg

The cinema, using Artcoustic speakers, is an amazing room in which to enjoy movies and big sporting occasions with family and friends. Comfortable, elegant, and most importantly, delivering superb picture and sound quality.


The team at Sona designed the system to exacting technical standards, so much so that they deservingly were shortlisted for Best Cinema in the 2018 CEDIA Awards. This cinema is part of the larger whole house project, which we were all delighted to see go on win Best Integrated Home Level III at this year's award ceremony.

Screenshot 2018-10-05 15.57.17.png

Connected Works and Total Solutions take home Best Home Cinema

An equally impressive outcome for Connected Works and Total Solutions who collaborate on this incredible dual display living room set up and were awarded Best Media Room Level II for their efforts.

Connected Works (8).jpg
Connected Works (5).jpg
Connected Works (7).jpg

The client's wanted a high performance system to enjoy family time watching quality TV, sport and movies together, as well as be a room with beautiful design and lighting. This system more than delivers, with SL 4-2 used for left and right, SL Multi Soundbar for centre, targets for rear, and an Impact 2 subwoofer hidden away. SL Architect 2-1 complete the Dolby Atmos specification.

Connected Works.jpg

Amazing work from all of our partners and another huge congratulations from all of us at Artcoustic! :)

Luxavo and Cormac take Installation of the Month this August

Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland (1).jpg

Congratulations to Cormac and the team at Luxavo in Ireland for this superb cinema installation.

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout in this amazing Dolby Atmos 5.2.4 system, with Spitfire 16-8s used for the LCR, 2 x Control 3 subwoofers, SL4-2 for the side and Architect SL 4-2s overhead. 

Artcoustic's design team worked closely with Luxavo to ensure the cinema was technically accurate. The screen size carefully chosen for the viewing distance and projector brightness, with the correct loudspeakers locations and dynamic range. This system will play full reference 105db (+3db headroom) easily. The result is a system that is effortless, accurate and dynamic. And great fun!

Well done guys, great work.  

Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland (2).jpg
Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland.jpg

Though Luxavo are based in Ireland, and the client is Irish too, the project was actually in Geneva, Switzerland. Managing a project of this scale from distance brings it's own challenges, but Luxavo planned and executed it perfectly. 

The beautiful room design feels very relaxed and comfortable, with Tom Dixon tables, a large L shaped Poliform sofa and the contemporary bar at the back - complete with a walk in wine store and draft Guinness on tap, naturally.

Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland (4).jpg
Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland (3).jpg
Artcoustic Cinema, by Tech Fit, Ireland (5).jpg


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We are happy to introduce two new products to the CPH Series, the CPH Trio 2.1 digital amplifier and the
CPH-10 Subwoofer.

CPH Bundle.jpg

The new additions to our CPH Series allow you to experience a high-end performance from our smallest ever amplifier and subwoofer.

Combine our new CPH products with selected speakers from our SL range to give a top of the range entry level set-up that will deliver crisp, honest sound for home or commercial environments.


CPH-Trio Amplifier

The new compact CPH-Trio amplifier comes with an impressive selection of features. This 2.1 digital amplifier features speaker line level input to connect with virtually any device. 


CPH-10 Subwoofer

The CPH-10 subwoofer has an efficient design, producing a fast, dynamic bass response and exceptional musical authority, easily integrated into any small Artcoustic system.

Cotswold Home Cinema win July's Installation Of The Month

Screening room.jpg


Cotswold Home Cinema win July's Installation Of The Month for this amazing hotel cinema.

Jim, Taryn and the team took an unused room within the beautiful Fish Hotel, in the heart of the stunning Cotswold's countryside, and created this fabulous cinema room for guests. The walls were fabric wrapped by the team, helping to control the acoustics, as well as looking superb. It looks and sounds amazing, and adds another superb aspect to this already incredible hotel.

Well done guys, great work. 

Artcoustic_Cotswold Home Cinema.jpg

Spitfire 6-3 are used for the LCR speakers, with Diablos for the side and rear, and Architect SL2-1 overheard to complete the 7.1.4 configuration. A single Control 3 subwoofer takes care of the LFE.

See more on the Spitfire range here

Cotswold Home Cinema.jpg

The Fish Film Club is a terrific package the hotel offer of a 2 course meal at their award winning restaurant, followed by a new release or classic art house movie. With popcorn, naturally.

The Fish Film Club


Stunning penthouse apartment in the heart of Copenhagen



Congratulations to the team at Sensa A/S, Denmark, for this wonderful project.
Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, this penthouse was originally two apartments, but was joined together in the conversion to create a horseshoe-shaped living space.


Artcoustic in-ceiling SL Architects are installed throughout the property with a total of 16 pieces being featured in the bedrooms and main open-plan living space. Eight zones of audio, all controlled simply via Sonos.




The prestigious Smart Building Awards 2018 was held recently, at a hugely successful gala dinner event at Sandown Park, UK. Following on from the success of winning ‘Best Loudspeaker’ in 2015, Artcoustic were delighted and honoured to be presented with ‘Manufacturer of The Year’ for 2018.


Artcoustic would like to say a special thank you to our supportive installers for being part of this success, including Smartcomm who won ‘Multi Dwelling Unit - Project Of the Year’ and iCubed Home Cinema who won ‘Best Cinema Project’. Both projects featuring Artcoustic Loudspeakers. Congratulations to them both for their excellent work. 


Creative thinking = high performance cinema



Congratulations to Baljinder, Dally and the whole team at iSmart Home Control who are this month's winners of Installation Of The Month! 

Very creative thinking has enabled a superb, high performance cinema to be installed into this formal lounge, disappearing from view when not in use.

The client's brief was a particularly challenging one as they didn't want to see it, but also wanted excellent quality. By using SL Multi Soundbars installed vertically for LCR, and colour matching them to the painted walls, they blend in beautifully. SL TargetsSL Architect 2-1s and Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers built into cabinetry complete this 5.2.4 Atmos system. It delivers all the excitement of a serious home cinema when in use, and almost vanishes during the day.

An acoustically transparent drop down screen completes the magic


The SL Multi Soundbars were colour matched to Farrow & Ball 'Light Blue', and are very discrete installed vertically as left, centre and right speakers.




It is with great pride that we share news of our latest home at the world's most renowned restaurant, NOMA.

Artcoustic was selected alongside some of the design world’s leading players, and  were chosen for their Scandinavian craftsmanship, customisable design and high-quality sound performance. The collective of distinguished brands includes Danish Architecture firm, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), Interior Design Studio, David Thulstrup and flooring specialists, Dinesen.


Having packed up just over a year ago and left to create their yearly pop-up edition in Mexico, René Redzepi and the Noma team have returned to a brand-new site in Copenhagen.

The main architectural structure, designed by leading global architecture firm, BIG, is made up of seven buildings creating a small village, each area built from a unique material to complement its specific function.


Highly acclaimed interior designer, David Thulstrup, was brought in to add a homely/cool vibe to the interior space, whilst still reflecting NOMA's heritage. The main areas are separated into a lounge/bar area, where Artcoustic speakers are featured, and a dining area with space for up to 40 diners. The kitchen is completely open plan, to enhance the atmosphere and allowing the customers to see their food being prepared, creating a more intimate, homely environment. Artcoustic’s customisable design options allowed the team at David Thulstrup complete design freedom when specifying the speaker colour to match the interior space.



Two of the 40-30 SL 6-3 models feature in the lounge/bar area of the new space, closing the circle of senses and providing a one-of-a-kind ambience.

The 40-30 is an entry to mid level configuration of our high sound pressure level SL Series. It works perfectly for home audio/surround sound systems and commercial installations, where the design and flexible customisation is paramount.


High-end sound, beautiful interior design


Artcoustic Installation of the Month - April 2018

Congratulations to Owen at Connected Works and Matt at Total Solutions, collaborating brilliantly on this amazing project!

The client's wanted a high performance system to enjoy family time watching quality TV, sport and movies together, as well as be a room with beautiful design and lighting.

This system more than delivers, with SL 4-2s used for left and right, SL Multi Soundbar for centre, targets for rear, and an SL Impact 2 subwoofer hidden away. SL Architect 2-1 complete the Dolby Atmos specification.

The whole project was designed, managed and completed by Owen & Matt, and the end result is superb.


Luxurious london apartment install

Realtime (5).jpg

Artcoustic Installation of the Month - MARCH 2018

Congratulations to Chris, Andrew and the team at Real Time AV for this wonderful project!

Artcoustic speakers are discretely installed into this luxurious London property, with a SL Multi Soundbar for LCR duties beneath the TV, SL Targets recessed into the wall for rear channels, and an SL Impact 1 subwoofer installed into vented cabinetry. The end result is stunning, elegant, and with exceptional quality.


TV by day, movies by night!

IOTM_February_2018_New_Wave-6 (1).jpg

Artcoustic Installation of the Month - February 2018

Congratulations to Angus, Kevin, and the team at New Wave AV, for this fantastic 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos installation!

This wonderful family room has a TV for daytime viewing, and listening to music, with a drop down acoustically transparent screen coming down for those magical movie nights.

Artcoustic SL 6-3s are used for the left and right speakers, together with a Multi Soundbar SL for the centre. Architect SL 2-1s and Target SLs make up the 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. An Impact 2 subwoofer completes the system.

The system is discreet, elegant and sounds superb!

IOTM_February_2018_New_Wave-4 (1).jpg

Scandi-chic meets Japanese minimalism


Artcoustic Installation of the Month - January 2018

Congratulation to Iain and the team at iCubed Home Cinema for this superb installation at Sticks'n'Sushi in London!

A marriage of ultra-sleek Scandinavian chic & Japanese minimalism, Sticks‘n’Sushi in Covent Garden serves a menu of fresh, beautifully-presented sushi, sashimi & sizzling yakitori sticks. First opened in Copenhagen, the internationally acclaimed restaurant brings an exciting fusion concept to one of London’s hotspots of activity.

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout both floors of the restaurant, ensuring the music is as cool as you'd expect in a place like this. Models used are SL Target, SL Diablo, SL 40-30 / 4-2 and SL Impact 1 Subwoofer


"Artcoustic speakers are used throughout both floors of the restaurant."


The perfect home entertainment space


Artcoustic Installation of the Month - December 2017

2017 comes to a close with another amazing Installation Of The Month. Congratulations to Guy, Sara and the whole team at Smartcomm for this incredible project!

This open entertainment space includes a (well stocked) bar, with TVs and a pool table. The cinema uses Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8s for LCR, together with two Spitfire Control 3 subs, and Architect SL 4-2s in the ceiling for the rears.

This project was also recognised in this year's EMEA CEDIA Awards as a finalist in the 'Best Integrated Home - Level III - £240K-£360K' category.


Featured Products

From wine cellar to cinema!


Artcoustic Installation of the Month - November 2017

Congratulations to the whole team at Rayleigh HiFi for this amazing installation!

Challenged with a very unusual room, an unused part of a wine cellar beneath the house, the team at Rayleigh HiFi managed to design and install a superb cinema system for the clients.

The budget was quite tight to achieve this room, but using the Artcoustic SL HSPL Soundbar as an all in one LCR, together with SL Target and an SL Impact 1 subwoofer, the client enjoys a very well considered, well designed and great sounding system.


The Artcoustic HSPL Soundbar sits just below the screen when in use, delivering left, centre and right channels from this single speaker. When the system is no longer in use, the screen disappears into the ceiling mounted case, retaining the original feel of this wine cellar.

Artcoustic pioneered the concept of an all-in-one LCR (Left, Centre and Right) soundbar as far back as 1997.

Featured Product



The HSPL Soundbar SL is a high sound pressure level version of the Artcoustic Multi Soundbar SL and has been specially designed and engineered for large format LED and none-perforated projection screens and in general for application where very high sound pressure levels are required. It matches the larger Artcoustic speaker models, such as the SL 12-6 and the SL 24-12.

As well as the the Multi Soundbar SL, the HSPL version can be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems used as a single mono centre channel.

Best Home Cinema Award Winner 2017


Artcoustic Installation of the Month - October 2017

Congratulations to Phil, Steve and the whole team at Philharmonic AV for this superb cinema installation!

Artcoustic speakers are used throughout in this amazing Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system, with Spitfire 4-2s used for the LCR, and SL Architect 2-1s for the listener level surrounds and overheads. 

This technically superb installation was acknowledged at last month's CEDIA Awards, winning in the 'Best Cinema - under £40K' category.


The speakers used in this award winning installation are the Spitfire 4-2 and the Architect SL 2-1. The Spitfire 4-2 is our entry level cinema speaker, capable of 115db output, with a sensitivity of 95db. This makes them very easy to drive, and offers a superb option for system where the budget is tight. 
The Architect series is used in both the ceiling and the walls for this installation. They have the same tonality and timbre as the rest of the Artcoustic range, but with a different installation option. The Architect SL 2-1s (used here) are often installed in ceilings, but can also be installed into walls to reduce the depth that would be part of using the SL Target - it's on wall equivalent.


featured products

 SL Architect 2-1

SL Architect 2-1

 Spitfire 4-2

Spitfire 4-2


Barr x Artcoustic


Restaurant Barr is the latest culinary project from the renowned NOMA chef, René Redzepi & Thorsten Schmidt (restaurant Malling & Schmidt). Barr draws its inspiration from the eating and drinking traditions of the North Sea. The name Barr is an old Irish word for “crops” and an old Nordic word for “barley”.

Designed by world-renowned Norwegian Architect Firm, Snøhetta, Artcoustic was chosen as the preferred speaker due to the brands high-quality sound performance and ability to completely customise the speakers to fit the design requirements of the project. Senior Interior Architect at Snøhetta, Peter Girgis, was able to specify the exact paint colour, enabling us to deliver customised, colour matched speakers for the entire restaurant. 

The space has been divided into a dining area, where SL Target speakers feature throughout, alongside a bar area with a more powerful set-up, including SL Diablo speakers and an SL Impact 1 Subwoofer. Barr is located at the iconic waterfront space which, until recently, was home to the famous NOMA.

Cedia Award Winners 2017


Artcoustic cinemas received two awards for Best Home Cinema at CEDIA Awards 2017.

Philharmonic AV were awarded for Best Home Cinema within the category of under £40,000 alongside Pyramid AV who took home the award for Best Home Cinema in the category of £40,000 - £120,000.


“We are very proud of our dealers for the outstanding projects they have created using our loudspeakers and to have been recognised by an awarding body of such high status within the home technology industry. These are exactly the kind of awards that excel the Artcoustic brand to the next level and something that we have been working towards for many years" - Patricia Ljungberg, Co-Founder & CEO.


Exceeding expectations for this year’s venue, the awards ceremony was held at the famous Warner Bros Studio London, giving guests exclusive “behind the scenes” access to ’The Making of Harry Potter.’ The perfect venue to celebrate the best of design and innovation in home technology.

Congratulations to all our dealers who were nominated and awarded!


Cedia Success!


We would like to thank everyone who managed to visit us during CEDIA expo in San Diego from 5 - 9 September. CEDIA Expo brings together more than 20,000 home tech pros and 500+ exhibitors to the leading event in smart and home technology.

We met some fantastic new faces, and have some great potential projects in the pipeline.
If you didn't make it, you can see pictures of the stand space below:


The design of the stand space is part of the latest 'refresh' of the look and feel of the Artcoustic branding. This space and show was really a perfect opportunity for us to strip it right back to basics, showing the products in the most honest way, re-introducing the collection and highlighting the clean, minimalistic and refined Scandinavian design ethos. We also introduced the latest model in the Architect SL range, the 2-1 PAS, along side very recent launches including SL Target Mini, SL 24-12 TAAA and CPH-10 Passive.