Official Sound Partner for Fredericia Furniture



Artcoustic loudspeakers that combine design and world-class sound quality becomes part of Fredericia Furniture's new showroom.

It will now be possible for Danish customers to experience the internationally renowned Danish speakers in Copenhagen, when Fredericia's large design showroom opens in Løvstræde no. 1 in the inner city.

Artcoustic shows three different systems with two speakers and a subwoofer in each, which are color-matched to the interior of Fredericia showroom. Artcoustics speakers are a permanent installation which is also designed to be able to play for parties and events in the whole space.

"We are very pleased that Fredericia has chosen us as their audio partner and to be a part of Fredericia's new showroom in the old post office. Artcoustic is now visible also in Denmark, which is a new market for us, although we are a Danish company" says Artoustic director, Patricia Ljungberg.

Artcoustic is an Internationally known Danish company founded in 1998 that produces some of the best speakers in the world. The company is at the forefront in terms of technological innovation and design to offer the best possible sound experience. In addition to high-end sound quality Artcoustic is the only brand that gives the customer full control over the design, since speaker colour and speaker front design is optional. This makes the speaker an integral part of the decor of your home, and gives customers the opportunity to create the look they want.

With the greatest respect for the music, and in accordance with Danish tradition of design and speaker technology Artcoustic has created a suite of beautiful speakers that wakes proper attention among audiophiles and aesthetes. Artcoustic products have the same quality regardless of the size, and are available for both private homes and cinemas as well as everything from meeting rooms to auditoriums.

Artcoustic sells its speakers in more than 35 countries with primary markets in UK, Asia and the United States.