The PS2 is a dual-cone coupled design with a directional horn-load. It has an even further extension in the dynamic range, combined with very high sound pressure level, at frequencies below 25 Hz. The PS2 has two precision, handmade 10” long-throw bass units, delivering impressive power, depth and dynamics. 

The Performance Series is a unique cocktail combining the award-winning Artcoustic array technology, multi-coupled sub units and high pressure levels, all carefully aligned within Danish loudspeaker design principles. 


Operating Range: 25 Hz (-6 dB) to 400 Hz
Sensitivity: 97 dB
Max SPL: 124 dB
Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions: H 620 • W 386 • D 500 mm
Cabinet:  Black Performance Finish

NB: Please download the user manual for the full specification.