IOTM December 2016

Futurehome in the UK win December's Installation Of The Month with another superb project!

download (5).jpeg

The client's brief was for a system to be able to be discrete and work with the aesthetics of the room, and yet be capable of playing 'party volume levels' with ease when required. As such, Futurehome specified, and installed, 2 x Artcoustic SL 24-12 together with 2 x Impact 3 subwoofers. The SL 24-12 is capable of playing an incredible 130 db, and together with its 110 db sensitivity is very efficient and dynamic. The cool designs for the speaker grilles were chosen from our Mark Finzel collection in the Artcoustic Art Gallery. Together with the powerful subwoofers, this is more than capable of delivering on the party system promise.


IOTM November 2016

Sinemas in the UK completed this amazing 25 seat cinema in the beautiful St. Mawes Hotel in Cornwall with Artcoustic speakers used throughout.

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Spitfire 16-8 speakers are used for Left, Center and Right behind the acoustically transparent screen together with 2 x Spitfire Control 3 subwoofers. Artcoustic Target SLs and Architect SL 2-1s make up the rest of this superb Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system.

Screenshot 2018-08-13 12.29.17.png
Artcoustic_Sinemas St Mawes.png
Artcoustic_Sinemas St Mawes_popcorn

IOTM October 2016

New Wave AV in Kent, UK, win our Installation Of The Month for October with this incredible private cinema as part of the clients' games and entertainment area!


The cinema sounds as good as it looks with Spitfire 16-8 speakers used for LCR, and no less than four Spitfire Control 2 subs used, two at the front of the cinema, two at the back. Artcoustic Spitfire 4-2, Multi SoundBar SLs installed vertically, and Architect SL 4-2 overhead make up the rest of this stunning Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 system.


IOTM September 2016

Bespoke Home Cinemas in Leeds, UK, win our Installation Of The Month for September with this superb private cinema. Gifford and the team designed and created this entire room, building every aspect themselves.


Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8 speakers are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, along with 2 x Spitfire Control 3 subwoofers. 40-30SL4-2s make up the sides and rears, with Architect SL4-2s overhead for the 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos set up.

download (9).jpeg

The equipment rack houses the Control 4 processor to make the system simple to use, along with an Xbox One and an Arcam UDP411 Blu Ray player. The processor is the Marantz AV8802, together with matching power amps. Artcoustic PA750s drive the two subwoofers.

Bespoke Home Cinemas designed and build every part of this project, taking a large unused room and designing, specifying and building this stunning room. Great work!


IOTM August 2016

Congratulations go to Ian, Niel, Geno and the whole team at Futurehome, UK, for this incredible cinema installation!

download (10).jpeg

The client had a purpose build room built in their garden to entertain friends and family with an amazing private cinema. The system looks and sounds amazing, with attention to detail in every aspect ensuring the very best performance. A full Artcoustic Spitfire speaker system delivers 7.2 audio at reference levels with complete ease and seemingly endless headroom. 

download (11).jpeg

What's in your garden?

This purpose build room by Garden Spaces looks stunning, and houses a state-of-the-art cinema.


IOTM July 2016

July's amazing Artcoustic Installation Of The Month also took home the prestigious CEDIA Award for the Best Home Cinema between £40,000 - £100,000 at the awards ceremony earlier this month. Well done for an amazing project to Christiaan and the whole team at Sphere Custom in South Africa!

download (12).jpeg

The system was meticulously planned with technical consideration given to every aspect of the room and system, ensuring the acoustics of the room were ideal, as well as all the audio and video parameters carefully calculated. The result is a room that not only looks amazing, but crucially also delivers an incredibly cinematic performance.

The standard this year at the CEDIA Awards was again exceptional, and to win in one of the most competitive categories is a magnificent achievement. Artcoustic are very proud to have been part of it. Well done Sphere Custom!


IOTM June 2016

June's stunning Installation Of The Month is from the team at Smartcomm, UK, for another incredible private cinema. This was designed and installed as a private cinema for the residents at the new South Bank Tower in London - where The Telegraph asked if this property has maybe the best concierge service in London.

download (13).jpeg

The incredible cinema allows for those purchasing property here to entertain their friends and family whenever they choose. The result is highly luxurious, but also relaxed and comfortable, with first class audio and video delivering an outstanding cinematic experience.


Artcoustic Spitfire speakers are used throughout this stunning system, with Spitfire 8-4s installed behind the screen as LCR, together with two Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers. Target SLs and Architect SL 2-1 make up the rear, side and overhead speakers for a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos experience.

download (14).jpeg

IOTM May 2016

Congratulations to Ian, Niel, Geno and the whole team at Futurehome for this incredible installation. The 10 seat private cinema was created in the client's unused squash court, and delivers one of the finest cinemas we have ever had the pleasure to experience!

download (15).jpeg

Artcoustic loudspeakers are used throughout this 7.3.4 Dolby Atmos system, with the flagship Performance Series being used for the left, centre and right, as well as LFE. The result is incredibly detailed and accurate, but with a sense of scale and effortless dynamics rarely enjoyed in a private cinema.


As well as the Artcoustic loudspeakers and subwoofers, the rest of the system features the superb Arcam AVR850 with their P49 amplifiers (fully EQ'd with Dirac Live), full Savant control, the Sony vw1100es projector, Palladio seating and Screen Excellence 4K screen. Designflow ensured the system complied with all industry design parameters, with Eomac completing the room with fabric stretched walls and acoustic treatment.


The Artcoustic Performance PS6 Stack is capable of 136db output, giving huge headroom to reach the 105db required for all credible cinema designs. Three of these stacks are installed behind the acoustically transparent screen, making a total of 104 mid units, 52 tweeters and 18 x 10" bass units!

It sounds as good as you'd imagine it would.


IOTM April 2016

Congratulations go to James, Jonny and the team at Circle Automation for this superb installation in central London!

Circle Automation 4.jpg

The client is in the commercial cinema industry, and as such wanted the very best experience to watch movies, sport and music concerts on at home. Circle Automation installed Artcoustic Spitfire loudspeakers and subwoofers behind the acoustically transparent screen, with Target SLs for discrete rear channels. The finished system is stunning, delivering incredible picture and sound, whilst keeping a clean and contemporary aesthetic in this beautiful property.

Circle Automation 1.jpg
Circle Automation 5.jpg

IOTM March 2016

Well done to Peter, Chris and the team at Smarthomes UK for March's incredible Installation Of The Month!

Smarthomes UK  493 Hi Res.jpg
Smarthomes UK  491 Hi res.jpg

Two stunning rooms form the entertainment suite in the basement of this luxurious property. A huge 3 source feed video wall allows for complete updates on all the key sporting occasions, with a very well stocked bar and numerous games to keep the fun flowing into the early hours. For those very special cinematic experiences, the amazing dedicated cinema is ready for at least eight people in complete comfort.

Smarthomes UK  495.jpg

The incredible private cinema uses 3 x Spitfire 8-4 behind the acoustically transparent Screen Excellence screen, alongside 2 x Spitfire Control 3 Subwoofers. Diablos SL and Architect SL 2-1 make up the system for an amazing Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system.

Smarthomes UK  500.jpg

The sports bar and games room area features 4 x 75-55 SL 8-4 with 2 x Impact-3 SL subwoofers.

This is a system that whilst remaining discreet and subtle, delivers an incredible sound that really gets the parties going. Deep, tight, dynamic and fun - this is how a fun room should sound!

Well done to the team at Smarthomes UK!

Smarthomes UK  498.jpg
Smarthomes UK  494.jpg

IOTM February 2016

Congratulations go to Kevin, Angus, and the team at New Wave AV, UK, for another outstanding project, and February's Artcoustic Installation Of The Month!

download (16).jpeg

This relaxed and informal room is perfect for family and friends to settle down and watch the latest big TV event, sporting occasion or movie. Gaming is a big thing too for this family, and is incredible on the big screen.

The audio is delivered from two Artcoustic 65-50 SL 6-3s either side of the TV with a Multi Soundbar SL for the centre channel and Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers.

download (17).jpeg

IOTM January 2016

We start 2016 with a stunning project by Niche AV in the UK. Richard and the team have installed a complete smart home solution into this luxurious property in Cheshire, including high quality audio in most of the key rooms.

download (18).jpeg

Of course, the dedicated cinema room includes Artcoustic Spitfire loudspeakers and subwoofers, installed in a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 configuration. The room is completed with a 4K Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen, Sony projector and Cineca seats. The clients are delighted, and have already expressed this "the best room in the house".


The bar area outside the cinema room provides a superb place to entertain with friends and family, with Artcoustic 40-30 SL 4-2s with an Impact-2 SL subwoofer providing high quality music.

download (19).jpeg

The kitchen and heart of the home has access to all their movie and music collection via Kaleidescape, with high quality audio being delivered from the Stereo SoundBar SL custom matched to the width of the TV...

download (20).jpeg

...with the same in the 'Champagne Bar' area of the open plan kitchen...

download (21).jpeg

The Master Bedroom has, naturally, a Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 system, delivered from Artcoustic 40-30 SL 6-3s, Multi Soundbar SL, Diablo SLs, Architect SL 4-2s and an Impact-1 SL Subwoofer. The result is a system that is perfect for high quality TV and movies, as well as stunning music when getting ready to go out on a Friday evening.